Saturday, March 25, 2017

Friday, March 24, 2017

Build out work continues on the interior of the potential Whole Foods building.  Conflicting info is available as to whether or not WF will occupy the site and WF is being vague as an email shown below from them shows.

On 3/24 5-6 workers were doing light electrical work there, something that needs to be completed no matter who ends up in that store.



The 52 acres of the Kennesaw Marketplace Mall will employ about 2,000 people in the $160,000,000 complex.  The retail space should be about 250,000 - 300,000 sq ft with 40 stores and restaurants.

The Whole Foods market, long set as a major ‘anchor’ tenant at the Fuqua mall may never open due to the restructuring of the Whole Foods company due to declining sales.  Comments from WF South are vague with ‘don’t call us - we’ll call you’ sort of replies to inquiries about their Kennesaw project.  The WF Harry’s Market in Marietta is reported to be closing. 

When the Regional mall is completed there will be a total of 19 restaurants near the Barrett and Cobb Parkway intersection, divided between the existing ones on the East side of Cobb Parkway and the new ones in the Marketplace Mall.  Far to many restaurants for those approx 65 acres in total, expect some of the new restaurants to close in 2017.

The 180 Overture at Barrett, Senior ‘Multifamily luxury apartments’ for those 55 and over are being developed and managed by Greystar and are located on the western end of the larger mall project.  

These units are 1 and 2 bedroom with either a private patio or balaony.  The buildings have elevators and amenities include a putting green, heated pool and walking trails.  Pricing is not available, but it is expected to be high.  

Some additional details are found at:

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

While a lot of the Regional Mall is now finished, not everything is up and running, still to be finished off are the 55+ senior housing on the West side of the complex, the empty shell where Whole foods was to go and several other stores.


   You might recall that the 53 acres that the Kennesaw Marketplace Mall was build on was for many years part of the down market slum called the Castle Lake Mobile Home Park.

The larger park was owned by the Ergas family of Vancouver, BC, Canada.

23/rds of the slum/park was sold off to Fuqua Development for the mall.

   The remaining 1/3rd (23 acres) remain in operation as the CLMHP and some day will be sold for additional development, either town homes/condos or more retail space.

   In the meantime the much diminished MHP remains and it is still a slum with mostly Hispanic residents.  No money is being spent on the park, the roads are in total disarray and it is clear that no funds are being put into the maintenance of the park.

   The Bridge to Nowhere is anchored in the new Mall and spans Noonday Creek and ends abruptly, just waiting for completion with whatever is eventually put on the remaining park acreage.

   Photos of the park are taken from a distance and from a distance it looks like a nice park, it isn’t.

  Scroll back far enough on this site and you will find articles, photos and comments about the park, how 2/3rds of it  got slipped into the City of Kennesaw and how badly the 1,500 +/- low income, retirees and Hispanic residents were treated by both Ergas and Fuqua.

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