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On June 13, 2017, Civil Case Number: 17104508 was filed in Cobb County Superior Court.

The named Defendants are the City of Kennesaw, Mayor and all Council members.

The initial filing runs 90 pages with exhibits and challenges the City's May 15, 2017 denial of the Plaintiff's Aug. 2016 request to build a 24 hour "Mega Gas Station/convenience store" on 3.79 acres at the NW corner of Ellison Lakes Drive and Cobb Pky (aka: Hwy 41), this is just across from the old Ace Hardware store and just north of the Cobb Police/Fire station.  The property address is 2155 Cobb Pky.

The proposed development anchors the East end of the 130 acre Ellison Lake 'planned village community' which has 300 townhomes.

Unless an agreement can be reached the matter may be in the courts for several years.  It is doubtful that the City will prevail but such matters usually settle and would probably be sent to arbitration before any court ruling.

The various filings are available via:  https://ctsearch.cobbsuperiorcourtclerk.com/



Work continues on this project located at the West end of the Kennesaw Marketplace Mall.
One thing this development will have is a LOT of corridors, they stretch on forever.

The Build out of the Whole Foods is on track and work continues.  Here is the interior as of Sunday June 11th.


Mystery partly solved as to what this stand alone building will be. I've said all along it would be a restaurant, that turns out to be correct as the Kennesaw building permit issued to Fuqua Development lists it as a restaurant, just has no info on what the chain is, but it will be a restaurant of some sort. This will be the 20th restaurant within 3 blocks of the intersection of Cobb and Barrett Parkways. The only real question is which will be the first one to go out of business. There are just to many restaurants in that area to realistically believe that they will all be here 6 months from now.

Still not sure what this is going to be. It is the last retail build out.  
The only active building elsewhere on the property is the 55+ senior housing.


Below:  Still wondering what this will be?

The Whole Foods shell progresses slowly:

Interior of Whole Foods shell

The 55+ Overture at Barrett continues to grow:


Consumerist May, 10, 2017

A month after shareholders told Whole Foods to shape up and see if someone was interested in buying the chain — Amazon and Kroger, apparently, for a while — the health foods store hasn’t put up the “for sale” sign yet. Instead, the company says it will completely revamp its board. 
Whole Foods announced today that it would undergo a board “refreshment” by appointing five new independent directors and new board leadership.
That means that more than half of the supermarket chain’s board of directors is being replaced, including the Chair and other leadership positions.
Whole Foods says the “robust refreshment process” is meant to help ensure that the board “has the best mix of skills and experience necessary to support Whole Foods Market’s leadership team in accelerating shareholder value creation.”
The change comes a month after activist investor Jana Partners and other companies bought a 9% stake in Whole Foods. Following the purchase, the company immediately began pressuring the chain to bring in fresh board members to turn around the retailer’s faltering sales.
With today’s changes, Whole Foods co-founder and CEO John Mackey says the chain is now well positioned to enter the next phase of its evolution.
“We believe that we have the right plan – and the right team – to execute on our initiatives at an aggressive pace, deliver results and enhance value for our shareholders,” Mackey said in a statement.
Though Jana Partners may be the impetus for these changes, the firm tells the Wall Street Journal that it turned down the chance to claim two board seats for itself.
Instead, the investor will “watch carefully” to see how Whole Foods’ board works to maximize shareholder value.
Whole Foods outlined those plans today, including an accelerated affinity program that combines the best elements of the company’s My 365 Rewards and pilot programs.
The chain says these programs have successfully driven increased trips and bigger orders from customers.
The company says it also plans to realize $300 million in additional cost savings by 2020. This, it says, will be achieved by standardizing in-store processes and optimizing its supply chain.

Progress continues.  Last Sunday NO concrete had been poured for the floor, this Sunday (5/7/17) about 20% of the floor has been done in 3 areas.
 Above/Below new concrete on the floor

Below:  Blueprint shows final configuration of the store.


One more building going up at the shopping center. To soon to say for sure, with all those windows it is probably another restaurant:


Not much change this week from last.  Both the Senior apartments and the Whole Foods continue to be built out slowly.  The WF may soon have the concrete floor put in, rebar for that is on hand and about half the interior floor has been packed down and almost ready to proceed.



The AJC in their 4/25 issue is reporting that Albertsons is considering a buyout of Whole Foods.

Albertson's is the 2nd largest grocery company with 2,200 stores, mostly in the West and South-West, but also with a Florida division. (Kroger is the largest grocer)  

Since there is no current Albertson's presence in Georgia the proposed Whole Foods location in Kennesaw could end up as an Albertson's store.  


KENNESAW - City approves concept for senior apartments
The Kennesaw City Council voted 5-0 Monday to approve the project concept for a proposed 78-unit senior apartment community.
Royal American Development (RAM) of Panama City, Florida, is the applicant for the independent living mixed-use project on five acres of vacant land at 2726 S. Main St. on the corner of Sardis Street in the Central Business District but not in the historic district.
The Enclave at Kennesaw Station will include commercial office space and commercial space for a beauty salon.
Also, the development will be age restricted for residents age 62 years and older with no person under the age of 45 to be permitted on the lease.
The development will have a mixed-income tenant base with 80 percent affordable units and 20 percent market rate.
That means 50 percent of the Area Median Income (AMI) for a two person household is $29,600 and 60 percent of the AMI for a family of two is $33,480.
RAM will charge 30 percent of the AMI income in rent, ranging from $464 to $685 monthly for the AMI affordable rate and $870 to $1,040 monthly for the market rate.


Sunday, April 23, 2017

This is what the 'Overture Barrett' will look like when it is finished.  The complex is 55+ and is on the West side of the Kennesaw Marketplace Mall.  Apartments will begin at approximately $1675 per month. A showroom will be open in early May 2017 at 1300 Ernest Barrett Parkway NW, Suite 200, Kennesaw Ga 30152 where there will mock ups of apartment interiors and exteriors.  They anticipate the first units will be available in early 2018. 

Here are some shots of the construction FYI:
 Lots of wide interior corridors!
 On the back side of the property are garages and storage units.

Construction on the interior of the Whole Foods store continues (slowly), mostly trenching, wiring and filling in the trenches.  AC will be next

Dropped by WF this afternoon (4/19)and you can see from the photo from today compared to ones further down which are from 4/8/17 that some work continues.  

The area involved has had the underground lines covered over and tamped down, so those trenches are now covered up and it seems similar work continues under further towards the far wall.
As usual inquiries to Whole Foods just result in smoke and mirrors.  Here is their latest reply to my inquiry about their Kennesaw opening:

From: Rachael.Wilson@wholefoods.com
To: TheKennesawWatch@aol.com, SOmedia@wholefoods.com
Sent: 4/13/2017 3:38:55 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Hi  - Thanks for your interest in our new store! I do not have an update for you at the moment, but will keep you posted when we do.


Whole Foods has opened a few stores, closed a few stores and put off indefinitely plans for many other stores due to serious financial issues.
The Kennesaw Marketplace Mall (Fuqua, Inc) had listed Whole Foods as an anchor tenant for at least 2 years. It has been questionable recently if the WF difficulties were going to impact their move to Kennesaw. Inquiries to their Southern Region resulted in generalized boilerplate replies but no definitive comments. It has been reported that their Marietta location was to be closed and moved to the Kennesaw location. (Cobb Harry's, 70 Powers Ferry Rd SE, Marietta, GA 30067). As of today the cat may be finally out of the bag, or at least it has a couple of paws out of the bag. WF is now quietly announcing that it will open that location ‘in the Fall of 2017'. Inquires on the site indicate that the opening will be in October 2017. Considerable work is required on the interior. For reasons still to be determined the shell of the building went up before the electrical and plumbing work was put in and this has resulted in considerable trenching being done to run lines. Normal construction protocol is that this is done first, then the concrete flooring is put in and last the building shell is put in place. With this location the cart is before the horse and inquiries do not reveal a reason for this, except to acknowledge that this is not standard procedure for such construction. No comment was available on why this is being done backwards. So perhaps in October there will be a Whole Foods up and running. Details at: http://castlelakeinfo.blogspot.com/ 


Work is about half done on the Marietta Big Chicken KFC franchise.  

Turnover to KFC should be about April 28th with a 'Grand Opening' set for May 12th.

More KFC Info at:  http://bigchickenkfc.blogspot.com/

The 55+ Senior housing at the West end of the Kennesaw Marketplace Mall continues to advance.  See also:  http://castlelakeinfo.blogspot.com/

The Whole Foods building in the Marketplace Mall has work on the interior progressing.   More information can be found at:  http://castlelakeinfo.blogspot.com/




Here is why:

On 3/27/17 Google/Blogspot started randomly deleting some of my blog sites.  A BBB complaint was filed.  Additional sites disappeared, some returned.

As of 4/8/17 the last site (this one) showed up, it was gone from 4/2/17 until today 4/8/17, 6 days missing.  Another site was gone for 9 days.  

In Nov 2015 I went through the same dog and pony show for 14 blog sites, the BBB complaint filed then eventually got them restored.  
Probably this sort of Google BS will happen again in coming months or years. Just FYI - they won't reply directly to you, letters to their CEO Sunder Pichal were just ignored.

The  March 2017 BBB complaint/reply is found at: